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หัวข้อ : Thai Linux

ชื่อ: sam
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หัวข้อ : Thai Linux
Come ! Come... To use Thai Linux. Linux SiS or LInux Tle are the best of Linux right now. Base on RedHat 7.2 even better than original RedHat 7.2. Newer Kernel 2.4.9-31. Which is original RedHat is 2.4.7. Belive me. I am living in United State right now. Installed and used so many linux distributions ( Include Mandrake 8.2 ). Finally I heard about Thai Linux. I download Linux Tle and Linux SiS from Thailand site. Install them in the same pc. They are
running well and beautiful both TLE and SIS. They are very easy to install and config. Let me tell you how to make it best running and you will love them.
Linux TLE is very good looking and good for Desktop use( You also can use to setup all servers you want. No problem). Linux SIS is best for all servers. Every server like Webserver, Mailserver, FTPServer, Samba, DNS and etc.....Linux SiS is already config for you. Just need a little bit knowlage to get into each file to change to match what you need for your company or school or your home use. Share internet, Open your own internet CAFE. You can read and write Thai and English ( I also install Chinese to test as well. Working fine in Chainese too.). You can use Netscape6.2(Latest version of netscape browser).
Let me tel you how I set it up in my pc. I have windows XP in my PC with 20G hard drive. Whole hard drive is partition for windows. I need to shrink windows partition to make some room for Linux. Let get start.

1. I used Linux SuSE Install CD disc1. SuSE 7.1 or any version you can find but must be late than 7.1. I mean 7.2 or 7.3 are fine. Why I have to use SuSE not partition magic? Belive me This is only way you feel save to shrink windows partition to install linux. Because SuSE wrote this for this purpose.

2. I install Linux SiS first ( because I need all the server) follow step untill finish.

After finished install Linux SiS. Your linux still can not connect to internet. Because Linux SiS is already config eth0 as DHCPD for you from eth0. If you connect to internet by modem. You will be ok. But if you have 2 network cards in your Linux. You will have problem.

Now I also want to have Linux TLE in my pc as well. Then I can have very good looking and use Linux Desktop at the same time as server installed.

3. Install Linux TLE on the top of Linux SiS. ( I know it is not reccoment by Linux SiS or Tle. But why not? If we want to try something new.)

4. During install Linux Tle when go to the step newinstall or upgrade. Click upgrade. Becarefull very importance at this point. After that just click ok click ok follow step until finish. If you know what are you doing, of cause you can should indivdaul package by your self. Even better. Because you will know what you have install from Linux Tle.

Finished, Reboot machine. Now you will have Linux Tle from the first screen and Windows for you to should to start. When you start linux. After login you will see Linux SiS. Then that your starting point to config and do what ever you want to do with it.

You also can mount windows to read or write file in your windows.

Enjoin !!!!

Oh, I forgot for the SuSE step. Just use only disc1 after disc1 finish just reboot machine and start with Linux SiS CD1 in the cdrom drive.

Good Luck,

Any more question. Just post it here or e-mail me. I will try to help you. You can go to my site to have a look how Linux SiS and Tle look like? is subdomain from I also can tell you how to set this up...


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หัวข้อ : How to upgrade TLE5.o to TLE7.0
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I am lerning how to use linux TLE5.0 I would like to know to upgrade TLE5.0 to TLE7.0.

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