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หัวข้อ : linux partition

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หัวข้อ : linux partition
I have just bought Red Hat Linux and want to install it alongside Win95 on my PC, which has a 6.4 gig hard disk. Fdisk tells me it is apparently separated into a primary and secondary drive only, despite the fact there are 3 (C,D,E) hard disk icons under 'My computer', each showing about 1.2 Gigs. Win 95 system files and all applications are on the primary, C, drive, with games on the third, E, drive. I want to create a partition of about 600 MB on the D drive to install Red Hat, but it looks as if I have to erase the whole of the secondary disk to do so. Is that correct, and are there any alternatives.

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หัวข้อ : Re: linux partition
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Umm..Try to use software name "Partition Magic" This software can help you in manage
free space of HD,or if you want to resize,changing patition you can do it.
( Sorry i am not good in english. ;-) )

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